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CyberQuad MAXI is an electric ducted quadrotor Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). A unique amalgamation of state-of-the-art VTOL UAV technologies, CyberQuad combines the mechanical simplicity, low noise, stability and agility of a quadrotor with the compactness, safety and efficiency of ducted fans. With only four moving parts that are safely shrouded, the CyberQuad is low maintenance, easily transportable and rapidly deployable. 

Cyber Technology offer a wide range of services and system packages to satisfy a variety of different applications. Please submit an enquiry so we can recommend a solution that will best suite your needs.

Experience more compact performance

  • CyberQuads have highly optimised ducted fans, allowing the platforms to be less than half the size of a helicopter rotor, with the same lifting efficiency
  • Easily fly through doorways, down hallways and through tight spaces without risking a rotor strike
  • A complete CyberQuad system is packaged within an easily transportable Mil-Spec ruggedized case
  • The CyberQuad Maxi can be folded in order to fit in a backpack with a UAV controller, ensuring rapid deployment

Remain agile and in control

  • Ducts in the CyberQuads produce even more lift in forward flight, enabling both efficient cruise and high dash speeds
  • Differential fan thrust provides high control authority
  • Counter rotating fan pairs balance gyroscopic torques and eliminate dissymmetry of lift
  • By varying the fan speeds hundreds of times per second, CyberQuads are electronically actively stabilised
  • An exceptional attitude control system keeps the unit level and does not allow the pilot to flip the craft
  • No inefficient aerodynamic stabilisation mechanisms are needed
  • No complicated swash plates, tail rotors and control surfaces that need to be inspected and calibrated
  • Higher levels of autonomy such as altitude/position hold and way-point navigation are available

Deploy in less than one minute

  • A CyberQuad has only four moving parts with no assembly required, and a complete system fits in one case (Back-pack deployment optional)

Execute your operation in stealth

  • The CyberQuad MINI is the ultimate stealth UAV for secret operations, producing less than 65 dBA at 3 meters and inaudible beyond 30 meters

Fly autonomously

  • Way Point Navigation, auto-take-off and the Ground Control Station (with its aerial map interface) are all available in order to provide the CyberQuad with fully autonomous flight capabilities

Customise your payload to suit your operation

  • Front mounted cameras on the CyberQuads allow visibility over large elevation ranges, from straight-down to diagonally-up
  • Modular central payload mounts provide the flexibility to carry a variety of different payload modules
  • Payloads and sensors can also be mounted between the ducts, allowing greater installation flexibility and peripheral detection ability

Record video airborne with exceptional clarity

  • With the optional onboard video recorder or HD camera payloads, the video is recorded in high resolution onboard and utilises transmission noise-free post processing.

Avoid risk with a safe design

  • CyberQuads utilise electric propulsion which avoids engine fumes, fuel and heat
  • The durable monocoque airframes are manufactured using state-of-the-art engineering thermoplastic materials
  • Low speed, light weight unexposed fans have very little stored energy, allowing the unit to be safely operated near people and within urban environments