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Airport Mapping and Surveys

Obstacle Airport Survey

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Airport facility managers, planners, engineers and contractors seek out DroneTronik's expertise because of our extensive experience. Nationwide we have served well over 6 airports and airfields. Our staff keeps current with the latest CASA standards, and have extensive aviation experience - another reason clients value our expertise.

DroneTronik's airport mapping solutions support both airport improvements and expansion, and include:

  • Aerial photography
  • High-accuracy base-map generation
  • Obstruction mapping (surveys)
  • Remote sensing and visualization services
  • Airspace analysis for vertically guided and non-vertically guided runways
  • Mapping for Airport Layout Plans (ALPs)
  • Mapping and attribution for eALPs
  • GIS geospatial databases
  • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Services
  • Compliance with current CASA Advisory Circulars - AC 2-5-1(0), AC 139-17(0), and AC 139-20(0)