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Emergency Management

Emergency Response

UAVs have the potential to be an integral part of an emergency response and disaster management, due to their rapid deployment and portability capabilities, and ability to safely navigate confined spaces and hazardous environments.

At DroneTronik we take this responsibility seriously and can deliver a wide range of services not limited to the following:

  • Coastal sensitivity mapping
  • Monitoring of spills and leaks of hazardous and non-hazardous substances
  • Inspection of disaster areas without risking human life
  • Real time monitoring of spill response
  • Aiding deployment of containment structures
  • Damage and claims assessment
  • Recovery assessment
  • Monitoring of dispersion plumes
  • Fire Surveillance and detection

DroneTronik can rapidly respond to virtually any emergency that our clients may face anywhere in Australia. The groundwork we have laid, means we can respond efficiently and effectively in quick time.

DroneTronik can provide emergency response services to federal, state, and local governments. We know that the key to successful emergency response lies in:

  • getting accurate information to decision makers quickly and efficiently
  • having the right resources readily available

DroneTronik's is able to rapidly reach any location in Australia in quick time. In addition, DroneTronik's efficient everyday operational structure enables us to swiftly zero in on, and deliver a mission critical response quickly and efficiently to enable our clients to mitigate and control the situation effectively.