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Real Estate

Drone Real Estate Marketing
Drone Real Estate Marketing
Drone Real Estate Marketing
Drone Real Estate Marketing
  • Drone Real Estate Marketing
  • Drone Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

DroneTronik is providing a different perspective to real estate marketing. Often the best angle to showcase a property is from an elevated position and this makes an unmanned aerial vehicle is the ideal platform for real estate. There are many advantages with using a UAV over traditional aircraft and pole photography. Key among these is the proximity and multitude of photographic angles that can be achieved.

A short flight around a property generates hundreds of photos from multiple angles and elevations. All the raw photography is presented to the client to chose which photo best represents the property for marketing purposes. Large industrial and commercial properties can also be flown inside the building providing an insight to scale and facilities.

Additionally, we are able to produce a fly over HD video of the entire property and a fly through indoors from room to room in order to produce a very unique and effective marketing clip which can be posted on websites. 

Services provided:

  • Urban residential photography
  • ‘View’ photography from proposed high-rise developments
  • Commercial photography
  • Exterior high-rise building condition assessment
  • Fly-over HD videography
  • Fly-though HD videography